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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
how excited am i!
well, its finally here. Pajamas 4 Love charity kit. All proceeds go to giving kids at Sunnybrook hospital new pajamas and toys and a nice warm Christmas. This kit ended up being soooooooo massive that they had to break it up into 4 kits. Each kit costs 5 dollars or you can get all 4 for 21.00 on a cd/dvd. The whole collection is so large (over 1.5 gigs) that it is only available on cd or dvd. There is also a button to donate more if you want to. I'll put the previews in here, the kits are so big that theres 2 previews per kit. 75 designers have collaborated on this and it looks sooooooooo cool. The names will be hyperlinked so you can go grab them. : D





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