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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
In the Autumn Spirit!
Heya there,
lately its been rather cold, the leaves have been falling and its been windy and has distinctly felt like fall out. I've also gotten into a Tart Burning habit, yankee candle wax tarts that is. I went out and i wanted to get all the fall scents but the fall ones hadnt all come in yet, so i just got some normal scents, some christmas ones they had already come in, and the few autumn scents they had in. In all i got:

2 granny smith apple
2 christmas cookie (gosh that smells sooooooc good, lol)
2 autumn leaves
brown sugar and spice
pomegranate cider
mandarin cranberry
autumn wreath
cottage breeze
willow breeze
fresh linens

I was only going to get a couple but my hubby suprised me and gave a bunch of ones i had looked at to the cashier lady when i wasnt looking :) I think my favourite is Christmas Cookie, yes i know it isnt christmas but i burnt it anyways and it smells AMAZING!! totally calorie free alternative to baking actual cookies. Some i'm looking forward to getting are Harvest, Farmhouse Apple, Frosted Pumpkin, Shortbread Cookie, and all the halloween scents including Boo-Nilla as well as i really want a cute halloween tart burner, although i dont forsee us having the extra cash to splash out on a burner. lol. I just got the one i have from my mother in law, when she came back from greece she brought it, its actually an oil burner but i wasnt a fan of the scent of the oil that came with it so i thought it might work well with tarts and it works perfectly. Didnt hurt that like two christmases ago she gave us about 200 unscented tealights, i dont forsee us running out of them any time soon. lol. So along with my tarts, i have been totally getting into the autumn mood, i've gotten out my wool sweaters and wool coat, scarves, and gloves (which i've actually needed a couple times already) and i created this little Sampler for you guys :) I also have an autumn paper pack coming out soon which i'll preview for you guys below! I also made a glitter cardstock pack, which includes 5 colours each in 3 different glitter styles.

Here are the paper packs --

And heres your Sampler (Its been moved to the sidebar sampler section):

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