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Monday, August 17, 2009
So everyone knows my little baby Scruffy... AND NEW PRODUCTS!
So everyone knows my baby scruffy, right? that's him --> IMG_0158

Anyways, he isnt the greatest at being obedient, and i've been trying like crazy to get him to not run away. Lets just say it hasnt been working, he's a bolter, and he's always been a bolter as long as we've had him. He also has a few other very annoying tendencies. Anyways, i found this site and I think its great. He even shakes a paw now! Click Here to see what i'm talkin about!

In other news, I'm releasing a new product today... Its called Holly and its a paper pack in gorgeous tourquoises, blues, yellows, and charcoals. Look for it later today!

Pamela Gibson
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