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Thursday, March 20, 2008
Pictures from Wigwam Camping!!!!
Let me start off by saying it was SOOOO FUN!!! and the facilities were fabulous. They had a huge kitchen free of charge to use including stoves, microwaves, sinks, all the dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, etc you could ever need, as well as a pool table and a big kitchen table and chairs you could sit at. The bathrooms and shower block were great and was filled with individual shower rooms with a toilet, sink, vanity, shower, etc all in one so you didnt have to go into prison style shower blocks. lol. The wigwam was much bigger than the last pod we stayed in and it had lights. It had 4 beds along the walls and a coffee table, it had a counter on one side with a mini fridge, heater, and 2 extra sockets. The fridge, heater, and 2 sockets were all controlled by one coin box, and we put in one pound coin and it kept the heater going all night long, and at one point it even got TOO WARM!!! when we woke up it was half raining and half snowing and freezing. lol. Danny
decided he didnt want to have breakfast in the restraunt so i went by myself and had Texas Eggs Benedict which was basically eggs bennedict minus the meat. It was pretty darn good and came with orange juice for £3.75. lol, it was really good though. We had the barbecue hut last night and we spent a couple hours in there barbecueing some fresh steaks from the farm it is located on, chicken, and hot dogs. We then just chilled in the wigwam, they were each named after famous american people, places, and battles. We stayed in number 1 which was called the Alamo. lol. anyways, onto some pictures.

A view of some of the 12 of the wigwams they had on site.

Scruffy on the deck of our wigwam. He spent a bit of time underneath it and found a tennis ball left by a previous dog.

Scruffy mid sneeze inside the wigwam, between 3 of the beds and in front of the coffee table.

Inside the Barbecue Hut

Scruffy playing outside the wigwam.

Scruffy Playing outside the wigwam, he loved running about outside

The barbecue Hut.

Scruffy outside the hut, watching the people staying in one of the other wigwams.
Pamela Gibson
p.s. every word i write is my own oppinion no matter what the subject of the post. to see my disclosure policy scroll down and click the link at the bottom right.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Incredible Store About a Dude
So my mom called me the other day and told me this bit of gossip. There was this guy who went to one of our competitor schools and was one of the best guys on the basketball team. In grade 11 he got his girlfriend pregnant and was banned from the team as a punishment. This was a Christian school so they were within their rights to kick him off the team, but for some reason in grade 12 they let him play and he got a full ride scholarship to university for basketball. When he graduated he couldnt find a job that paid enough to support his girlfriend and baby. So he started playing online poker and my mom said there was just a story about him in the paper, apparently he got mega rich off of online poker and now plays proffessionally. He and his girlfriend, whos now his wife have just bought a huge million dollar house in White Rock and have 4 kids. How amazing is that?? I wish i could get that kinda money off something like online poker, but i'm really not that skilled/lucky. lol. I think i might have a go though, if i had the money i'd probably go here best online casino to find a good casino to play at. I must admit, while i'm not the best at poker, i'm pretty alright at roulette. lol. i know i know, game of luck, but i tend to at least get the number right on a few times. This site has fabulous reviews of all the different sites from poker rooms to bingo, and if i had the chance and the disposable income to have a little go i'd definitly go there first to find a good casino that wouldn't totally rip me off. I LOVE bingo though, so that will probably come in super handy as its really easy to navigate and i love to find new bingo sites. Nothing like bingo to pass some time and even though i rarely win, its something i can spend a couple hours doing for not so much money. I just have a feeling this site will come in handy for me in the future. Who knows, but at least i have somewhere informative to go if i want to find out more about the whole thing, and who knows, maybe i'll be the next online poker millionaire, lol. Wish me luck!

Pamela Gibson
p.s. every word i write is my own oppinion no matter what the subject of the post. to see my disclosure policy scroll down and click the link at the bottom right.
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We're going to Pot-A-Doodle-Doo wigwam village for a night tomorrow, just to relax. We've been to a wigwam/camping pod before and loved it, but this one has electricity, heat, and a bunch of activities so we decided to try this place this time! For those of you wondering what the heck i'm talkin about, here is a picture of what we're staying in.
Picture - Wigwam inner

I dont know why that picture wont line up, but thats what the inside looks like. They also are combined with a farm that makes fresh food, meat, etc... So we're buying some fresh steaks and we booked their Finnish Barbecue Hut.

The BBQ Hut

This is the barbecue hut and we have it for all of wednesday evening. I'm looking so forward to this. These wigwam holidays are perfect for us because they're good for just one night, theyre very inexpensive, and we can bring our dog so we dont have to worry about him. I'm very excited about this one night away because i'm really stressed out about university and getting the house up for sale that i just need to unwind. Anyways, if you want to look for yourself here is the Pot-A-Doodle-Do Wigwam Village Website and for those of you in the UK, its in Berwick-upon-Tweed in Northumberland if you want to go for yourself!

Pamela Gibson
p.s. every word i write is my own oppinion no matter what the subject of the post. to see my disclosure policy scroll down and click the link at the bottom right.
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Monday, March 17, 2008
Mortgages, Homes, and having your own space
So its coming up on that time again. In October our fixed rate Mortgage will be up. We've been approached by a lot of mortgage lenders recently trying to get us to go with them. Little do they know we will be moving to Canada and are currently trying to sell the house. This is a bit difficult since it seems that with this depression the world seems to be falling into that people are having trouble getting a Mortgage I dont know about you, but when i see the word Mortgage i cringe inside because i find it so confusing and such a stressful thing to go through. At the end though, its all worth it if you love your house, and are finally on that housing ladder. lol. I know its rough at times but theres nothing better than knowing that you own your own place. I love the fact that i have a place for me and my family to call our own, somewhere where we can be ourselves and have the privacy we need although i am glad to be going to Canada and getting a bigger better house to live in than our little apartment.
Pamela Gibson
p.s. every word i write is my own oppinion no matter what the subject of the post. to see my disclosure policy scroll down and click the link at the bottom right.
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Brides and Birdies
First of all, might i say, i am IN LOVE with Miriam Lima's new kit, Garden Party. Its super cute, in great springy colours and so usable. Heres a layout i made with the kit.

Its made entirely with Garden Party except for the gems, which are from Miriam's Rainbow Gems set.

Next, i created some beautiful birdie brushes. I think they're super cute!!!

arent they super adorable??? They'll be going into store probably tomorrow so look forward to them. I just wanted to give a bit of a sneak peek because i love them soooo much!!!
Pamela Gibson
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I joined PayPerPost!

So, with this economy slowdown of late, everyones belts are getting a little tighter, and who couldnt use a little extra money coming in. Some ladies at digi shop talk directed me over to PayPerPost. This place looks great! It’s super easy to use, just make sure your blog meets their criteria and then voila, a whole marketplace of things you can choose to write about. What i like best about this blog pay posting site is that you get to choose what to blog about, and they each have a dollar value associated with them. I like that you browse and choose things you own/know about to write about and you dont have to try and write about things you have no clue about. Everyone seems very friendly and their customer service is top notch (i know this because i regularly get confused and have to get help, lol) and even better is they actually get back to you when you put in a support ticket. I had previously applied at other pay blog things and they just never even sent me any kind of notice even of whether my blog was approved or not, so I’m assuming it wasn’t. That doesn’t bother me now because I think PayPerPost is going to be much better for my needs and i think i'm going to have a really good time with this. I'm hoping to make some extra money to help get this house ready to sell, and for our holiday to ibiza this summer, so wish me luck!!

blog ethics

Pamela Gibson

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Sunday, March 16, 2008
NEW hand drawn watercolour flower and swirl brushes
New from Pamela Gibson...

10 fun watercolour painted brushes in flowers and swirls. 300dpi, comes in both .png and .abr. Only $2.00. Since i got this bamboo fun tablet i've been having tons of fun in my programs playing around and its soooooo much better than my cheap one i had before. My old one used to cut out all the time, lost its connection with the pen all the time, and just generally didnt do a good job. This one is great, i'm even learning to use it as a mouse. So with that said, these came out of an experiment with the new tablet and i love them. They look super cute on layouts and theyre really easy to use. Comes in both .png and .abr format :)

here is an example layout by Andrea C.

Pamela Gibson
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