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Saturday, September 16, 2006
okay, so i've got a new phone.
Ive gotten this new limited edition girly phone, a siemens cl75 poppy phone that comes with a genuine swazorchy(sp?) crystal pendant and a display that turns into a mirror, a very good one at that, now i'm at odds trying to figure out how to switch it. Everything i see says "dedicated hotkey for mirror" but nothing, not even in the booklets that came with it say what that key is and its not exactly clear as day or anything. I've been trying to figure it out now for awhile and i just cant. Anyone who knows please let me know. lol. On the scrapping front, 4 new kits coming out at Digital Freebies on tuesday. This is my latest...

I've also put a co-ordinating freebie on the digital freebies blog here

In my oppinion it is never too early to start thinking about holidays, i am a holiday buff, so I just love getting into the spirit, even if its months ahead. lol.

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