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Monday, August 17, 2009
Some photos from our camping trip
We just got back from Birkenhead Lake near Pemberton, BC. It was sooo beautiful, and I got some fabulous shots! I've been practicing a lot on my canon, trying to learn more and reading a lot about how to get good photos. Its always good to have a good book or ebook to help you with the basics and help you get great photos. I'm gonna show you some of my favs!

camping 206 camping 205 camping 204 camping 116 camping 108 camping 055 camping 047 camping 040 camping 032 camping 030 camping 028 camping 081 camping 129

Like i said, books and people who can help you are important. If you want a great photography forum try the one at DST or if you want a book I reccomend this one -> Click Here!

Pamela Gibson
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