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Monday, December 03, 2007
Diary of a Packrat...
So i decided today was the day, with us moving to Canada next year we need to get this house on the market, and to do that it has to be really clean and we have to repaint. But to do anything to the house we need to clean it out, especially since we cant really take a lot with us to canada. Today i started to go through my clothes looking for anything really old, that doesnt fit, that doesnt look right, etc. I have a black garbage bag full of clothes that are old or dont fit right to give to charity. And yes, it feels good to give to charity BUT i feel like i've lost part of my soul and cant stop asking myself "what if i want to wear this and i've given it away?" I'm sure all packrats can sympathize with me here, but i suppose its all for the best. I'm saying goodbye to my trusted old clothes, at least i'll have less laundry to do!

Pamela Gibson
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