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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Pumpkin Candy Buckets!
So yesterday we found out my husband's niece and nephew (i guess that also makes them my niece and nephew, lol, i'm so not used to that!) would be coming to trick or treat at our house. Yes we had bought some candy, but it was really for us since no one comes to our house. AT ALL! lol, so we went out and bought them each one of those big bags of treat size chocolate bars and i got a couple pumpkin buckets and pulled out my craft stuff. What came out was these adorable pumpkin candy buckets.

I put the candy in the buckets, 1 bag of 25 per bucket, and i cut some pumpkins out of orange paper and put a hole near the stem. I then stamped their names in bronze with see-d alphabet stamps and went over them in red glitter glue. I let them dry and then tied the tags to the handles of the buckets with red raffia in a nice little bow. I love them and i hope they do too, but they are kids, so they'll probably just see the candy! lol.

Pamela Gibson
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