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Sunday, December 16, 2007
Its getting close and i'm still sick!
So... its day 7 of this horrible hacking chesty cough. It seems to be *knock on wood* starting to lighten up just a touch, at least enough for me to get on with my preparations this week for going back to canada. I really hope that it will clear up by saturday because i really dont fancy an eleven hour flight with a hacking cough... please send prayers and good healing thoughts my way please! So tomorrow i start preparations (that i should have started a week ago if this cough hadnt knocked me into bed for a week) including cleaning out the hall closet, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. I have the hubby doing the one other room in our apartment since he made it such a mess in the first place! On monday i'm planning to do the kitchen, on tuesday i'm going to do the bathroom and go to the girls' christmas dinner out at the pub. On wednesday i'm going to do the front hall closet and start on the bedroom, on thursday i'm going to finish the bedroom and on friday i'm going to make last minute fixes, pack our bags, and generally get ready for the trip. I also need to call and confirm the time the taxi is coming to get us and Scruffy goes to the kennel on thursday. I'm going to miss him terribly, I am rather upset about leaving him but he cant come with us for only a 2 week vacation. Sorry for making this post one long to-do list, lol. At least i'll remember hopefully what i need to do now! On the scrapping front, i havent really been around the past week, since i've been sick. I've had maybe 5-10 minutes of computer time a day until today and from those 10 minute intervals i've gotten a very bad feeling about the community of late. I've decided to not put out any of my new products i had in line to go onto my store shelves until january. I hope a nice break away from everything with family will put the community into a better mood, it all just seems so pointless at the moment. Anyways, heres to me getting better and the community getting nicer again.

Pamela Gibson
posted by Pamela Gibson @ 6:33 PM  
  • At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hope you feel better soon:)I am so sad you will not be putting out new products for awhile as I love your designs but I agree things have gotten out of hand and its ripping the comunnity apart.Maybe I'll go back to paper for awhile even though I hate the thought of the mess:)Happy Holidays!


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