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Monday, March 10, 2008
Its been one heck of a week. I guess everyone has these types of weeks but i have been sick as a dog! I've had symptoms lasting a couple days each constantly for over a week now. Last Monday, very suddenly i had such a bad cold come on. I've gone through 4 rolls of toilet paper blowing my nose... Now i've not got the sore throat anymore, and my nose isnt running AS MUCH, but i've got a terrible cough and a bit of a headache. Anyways, this has hampered my designing a little, BUT i do have a treat for all of you. Coming soon to both Polka Dot Potato and Scrapbook Graphics, Sugar and Spice by me and Flergs!!! Its in gorgeous pinks, greens, peaches, yellows, blues, and a nice charcoal black colour and kinda shabby, kinda springy, and it definitly has both very me style elements and papers and some of that oh so flergs glitter and sparkle! How cool is that?? I think its pretty awesome, Flergs knocks my socks off and i'm so excited to be working with her. So look forward to that soon, AND my great friend is joining me at Polka Dot Potato!!!! Look out soon for an announcement of just who that might be!!!!!! So ta ta for now, keep scrapping and making the most of your memories!!

Pamela Gibson
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