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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Do you ever have days like this?
Okay, so today i am feeling just like this --> Looking In Mirror
I am feeling very much like that today. Like everything is kinda crazy, i'm very cold since our boiler hasnt been fixed yet and we've had no hot water or heat since friday... and i dont want to look in a mirror for fear of what i'd see. lol. I think i may just hide behind my computer today and give myself some time to actually SCRAP A PAGE!!! i haevnt done that in awhile, designing has taken up so much of my time lately wiht my new collection. And oooh i noticed people talking in the dst chatter forum about wanting plain cardstock, so to go along with my collection i spent the morning creating a pack of 29 sheets of solid cardstock in all the main colours of the 4 kits in the collection plus black and white. And i revamped my business card. I'll put previews of my latest kits for my collections, plus the cardstock, and my new business card so you can all have a look

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