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Friday, April 27, 2007
Birthdays are fun aren't they?
My husband's birthday is on May 14th. Its really coming up and i ordered some presents for my husband. Yesterday one of them came, sort of, i didnt hear the door at first but i looked out the window and saw the woman, she was still on the doorstep, so i ran downstairs to the door, and she was about 10 feet away from the door, halfway to her van, and i shouted out "Excuse Me!" and waved my arms about, she ignored me, so i thought, okay maybe she didnt hear me, then she turned around, got in her van, looked straight at me, waving my arms and shouting, shuts the door, puts the van in reverse, and drives off. i called the post office and put a complaint in. is it just me or was that totally out of order? I couldnt even imagine doing that if i were her. How hard is it to walk back 10 feet and give me the parcel??? arrrrrrrgh. the earliest they could
redeliver is saturday too. ugh. That made me really mad, now i have a complaint reference number. On the other hand, today the other one came, and i've wrapped it up and made a cute birthday card the traditional paper craft way. I'm nervous as anything today as today is the day i find out if i was picked for a special honor, as well as the day that i found out if i made the Sweet Shoppe ct, which i really really want. I just had to drop off of my other cts due to university committments but i've wanted Sweet Shoppe for so long, and i probably dont have a rats chance in heck of getting it, so i thought why not apply anyways. Wish me good luck. I'm gonna show you guys some of my most recent layouts and i'm actually very proud of them. I've really been trying to be a "messier" scrapper . Less neat and tidy, trying to layer embellishments, and actually use them. lol. You can check out all the credits in my DST Gallery

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posted by Pamela Gibson @ 12:51 PM  
  • At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Colette said…

    Gorgeous layouts here!! He is such a cute dog! Good luck with your ct desires! Hope you are successful...

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