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Monday, June 18, 2007
So i finally got to get my hair cut!!! wooo hooo. It had been nearly a year and a half and my hair was nearly down to my butt and i was SICK OF IT!!! lol. I went this morning to the cutting corner and got it chopped off... And i LOVE it. it looks great! and its so light and airy and my neck isnt hurting anymore. yeay! heres a picture and later i'll come back and update with the layout i'm about to do!


posted by Pamela Gibson @ 2:54 PM  
  • At 6:50 PM, Blogger Pink Pixels said…

    I'm so glad you commented on this here! I was going to post in DST but so many other people had already echoed my sentiments- it looks WONDERFUL! It really does suit you! I'm glad you're happy with it! Get some "hair pretties" as they're know to the girls in my family, and play away! :)

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