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Friday, March 14, 2008
Potato Hunt Time!!
Its potato hunt time at Polka Dot Potato! Whats up is that with a $15 purchase (storewide) you get this massive paper pack free. Then you go looking for potatos within the short descriptions (the part that appears on the main product listing, no need to actually open the product pages if you dont have the time to look that way, its much easier this way). When you find the potato (looks like this --> ) And click on it, then you'll be taken to a freebie that MATCHES the papers and you can put it in your cart and keep collecting! You'll get an array of beautiful embellishments to match the papers and will be one happy potato hunter!

And for my good friend joining Polka Dot Potato... Its Jennifer Riggins!! You can check out her new store now. She only has one product and her potato hunt freebie at the moment but she'll be adding more soon!
Pamela Gibson
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