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Monday, August 06, 2007
some people just do not give a crap about the mayhem their stupid awful children are causing. Awhile back the kids were throwing hard mud balls at the window, causing us some major distress, mainly in the startling us out of our heads and scaring our dog to death form, then they turned to rocks and broke one of our windows, all along we never knew which kids it was (probably all of them the little monsters in this neighborhood) and we reported it to the police but they cant do anything (theyre rather useless here) and now today i go to take the dog out and theres this red juicy goo on the side window, i cant figure out what it is, so when i go out with the dog i walk around the house, and there are these big juicy gooey splatters all over the side of the house, on the back window, all over the fence, the lamppost, and the kicker, one right next to my front door. I look around and finally see what theyre throwing. theyre throwing BLUEBERRIES!!! who the heck throws BLUEBERRIES at someones house???????? i'm ready to go mad, this house will be worth nothing when we try to sell, in about a year. We regret moving here more than anything we've ever regretted before. life is miserable with these little brats everywhere, especially since theyre off for summer break now theyre ALWAYS doing something. I caught them trying ot kick down our gate today to get their ball out of our yard, they never came to the door and asked, just immdiately tried to kick it down. I went and told them they could hop the fence to get it back and *miraculously* the ball never went over the fence again... lol. that just proves their doing it to cause trouble and it really sucks that they'll never be punished for it and their parents dont give a friggin flying rats banana about it at all. i'm ready to scream. thanks for letting me vent, sometimes you just need to let off steam.

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