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Monday, March 17, 2008
I joined PayPerPost!

So, with this economy slowdown of late, everyones belts are getting a little tighter, and who couldnt use a little extra money coming in. Some ladies at digi shop talk directed me over to PayPerPost. This place looks great! It’s super easy to use, just make sure your blog meets their criteria and then voila, a whole marketplace of things you can choose to write about. What i like best about this blog pay posting site is that you get to choose what to blog about, and they each have a dollar value associated with them. I like that you browse and choose things you own/know about to write about and you dont have to try and write about things you have no clue about. Everyone seems very friendly and their customer service is top notch (i know this because i regularly get confused and have to get help, lol) and even better is they actually get back to you when you put in a support ticket. I had previously applied at other pay blog things and they just never even sent me any kind of notice even of whether my blog was approved or not, so I’m assuming it wasn’t. That doesn’t bother me now because I think PayPerPost is going to be much better for my needs and i think i'm going to have a really good time with this. I'm hoping to make some extra money to help get this house ready to sell, and for our holiday to ibiza this summer, so wish me luck!!

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