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Monday, March 17, 2008
Mortgages, Homes, and having your own space
So its coming up on that time again. In October our fixed rate Mortgage will be up. We've been approached by a lot of mortgage lenders recently trying to get us to go with them. Little do they know we will be moving to Canada and are currently trying to sell the house. This is a bit difficult since it seems that with this depression the world seems to be falling into that people are having trouble getting a Mortgage I dont know about you, but when i see the word Mortgage i cringe inside because i find it so confusing and such a stressful thing to go through. At the end though, its all worth it if you love your house, and are finally on that housing ladder. lol. I know its rough at times but theres nothing better than knowing that you own your own place. I love the fact that i have a place for me and my family to call our own, somewhere where we can be ourselves and have the privacy we need although i am glad to be going to Canada and getting a bigger better house to live in than our little apartment.
Pamela Gibson
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