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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Incredible Store About a Dude
So my mom called me the other day and told me this bit of gossip. There was this guy who went to one of our competitor schools and was one of the best guys on the basketball team. In grade 11 he got his girlfriend pregnant and was banned from the team as a punishment. This was a Christian school so they were within their rights to kick him off the team, but for some reason in grade 12 they let him play and he got a full ride scholarship to university for basketball. When he graduated he couldnt find a job that paid enough to support his girlfriend and baby. So he started playing online poker and my mom said there was just a story about him in the paper, apparently he got mega rich off of online poker and now plays proffessionally. He and his girlfriend, whos now his wife have just bought a huge million dollar house in White Rock and have 4 kids. How amazing is that?? I wish i could get that kinda money off something like online poker, but i'm really not that skilled/lucky. lol. I think i might have a go though, if i had the money i'd probably go here best online casino to find a good casino to play at. I must admit, while i'm not the best at poker, i'm pretty alright at roulette. lol. i know i know, game of luck, but i tend to at least get the number right on a few times. This site has fabulous reviews of all the different sites from poker rooms to bingo, and if i had the chance and the disposable income to have a little go i'd definitly go there first to find a good casino that wouldn't totally rip me off. I LOVE bingo though, so that will probably come in super handy as its really easy to navigate and i love to find new bingo sites. Nothing like bingo to pass some time and even though i rarely win, its something i can spend a couple hours doing for not so much money. I just have a feeling this site will come in handy for me in the future. Who knows, but at least i have somewhere informative to go if i want to find out more about the whole thing, and who knows, maybe i'll be the next online poker millionaire, lol. Wish me luck!

Pamela Gibson
p.s. every word i write is my own oppinion no matter what the subject of the post. to see my disclosure policy scroll down and click the link at the bottom right.
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