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Thursday, March 20, 2008
Pictures from Wigwam Camping!!!!
Let me start off by saying it was SOOOO FUN!!! and the facilities were fabulous. They had a huge kitchen free of charge to use including stoves, microwaves, sinks, all the dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, etc you could ever need, as well as a pool table and a big kitchen table and chairs you could sit at. The bathrooms and shower block were great and was filled with individual shower rooms with a toilet, sink, vanity, shower, etc all in one so you didnt have to go into prison style shower blocks. lol. The wigwam was much bigger than the last pod we stayed in and it had lights. It had 4 beds along the walls and a coffee table, it had a counter on one side with a mini fridge, heater, and 2 extra sockets. The fridge, heater, and 2 sockets were all controlled by one coin box, and we put in one pound coin and it kept the heater going all night long, and at one point it even got TOO WARM!!! when we woke up it was half raining and half snowing and freezing. lol. Danny
decided he didnt want to have breakfast in the restraunt so i went by myself and had Texas Eggs Benedict which was basically eggs bennedict minus the meat. It was pretty darn good and came with orange juice for £3.75. lol, it was really good though. We had the barbecue hut last night and we spent a couple hours in there barbecueing some fresh steaks from the farm it is located on, chicken, and hot dogs. We then just chilled in the wigwam, they were each named after famous american people, places, and battles. We stayed in number 1 which was called the Alamo. lol. anyways, onto some pictures.

A view of some of the 12 of the wigwams they had on site.

Scruffy on the deck of our wigwam. He spent a bit of time underneath it and found a tennis ball left by a previous dog.

Scruffy mid sneeze inside the wigwam, between 3 of the beds and in front of the coffee table.

Inside the Barbecue Hut

Scruffy playing outside the wigwam.

Scruffy Playing outside the wigwam, he loved running about outside

The barbecue Hut.

Scruffy outside the hut, watching the people staying in one of the other wigwams.
Pamela Gibson
p.s. every word i write is my own oppinion no matter what the subject of the post. to see my disclosure policy scroll down and click the link at the bottom right.
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